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No Support Requests

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Have you read Marlin's Code of Conduct? By filing an Issue, you are expected to comply with it, including treating everyone with respect:
Support Requests posted here will be automatically closed!
Do you want to ask a question? Are you looking for support? Please don't post here. Instead please use the Marlin Firmware forum at or the Marlin Facebook Group
This Issue Queue is for Marlin bug reports and development-related issues, and we prefer not to handle user-support questions here. See
Before filing an issue be sure to test the 1.1 and/or 2.0 "bugfix" branches to see whether the issue is already addressed.
For best results getting help with configuration and troubleshooting, please use the following resources:
- Marlin Forum
- Tom's 3D Forums
- Facebook Group "Marlin Firmware"
- Facebook Group "Marlin Firmware for 3D Printers"
- Marlin Configuration on YouTube
- Marlin Discord server. Join link:
### Description
<!-- Description of the bug or requested feature -->
### Steps to Reproduce
<!-- If this is a Bug Report, please describe the steps needed to reproduce the issue -->
1. [First Step]
2. [Second Step]
3. [and so on...]
**Expected behavior:** [What you expect to happen]
**Actual behavior:** [What actually happens]
#### Additional Information
* Include a ZIP file containing your `Configuration.h` and `Configuration_adv.h` files.
* Provide pictures or links to videos that clearly demonstrate the issue.
* See [How Can I Contribute]( for additional guidelines.
After seeking help from the community, if the consensus points to to a bug in Marlin, then you should post a Bug Report at
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